Noise Rock: USA Nails Video For New Track ‘Revolution Worker’

USA Nail’s new album Character Stop is out on 23rd October via Hex Records (USA) and Bigout Records (Europe).

London noise rock/noise-punk outfit USA Nails have shared the first single from their upcoming fifth album Character Stop. Titled ‘Revolution Worker’, it is a two-minute blast of explosive fuzzy noisy beauty. Check out the video above.

Frontman Steven Hodson describes ‘Revolution Worker’ as “about not knowing how long you have left at being in a band and life in general. My Dad died quite young and now I’m a father it’s something I think about quite a lot. It’s also about balancing time between family, work and band. All that grim stuff is wrapped up in a hell of a catchy riff, feedback and woodblocks.”

Guitarist Gareth Thomas on the new album, “For me, Character Stop is the best album USA Nails have ever made by miles. It’s more varied than anything we’ve ever done before and I think it’s stronger for it. I feel like it’s more fully realised, and more complete as a collection of songs. Every time we get in a room together and write, the dynamic of our relationship as writers (and mates) develops a bit further, we get better at anticipating and complimenting each other. We’ve always tried to be efficient in our creativity, to do what feels natural and just let things flow. I’m obviously still really happy with all the music we’ve written up to this point, but on this record everything seemed to come together so sweetly. “

Pre-order Character Stop via Bandcamp.

Character Stop album artwork:

USA Nails

Character Stop tracklisting:

1. Revolution Worker
2. I Don’t Own Anything
3. Character Stop
4. How Was Your Weekend?
5. I Am Posable
6. Dumb Of Choice
7. No Pleasure
8. See Yourself
9. Preference For Cold
10. Temporary Home
11. Wallington

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