NOTHING Share’ Vertigo Flowers’ From New LP

nothing vertigo flowers

New album Tired Of Tomorrow  due May 13 2016 via Relapse Records.

Philidelphia’s NOTHING have announced the release date for their upcoming second album and shared the first track to be heard from the record. Tired of Tomorrow will be released on May 13 via Relapse Records, and features first single ‘. The group has also released a trailer for a documentary about the recording of the album directed by Don Argott.

“I was walking to the bank one day with a couple friends and I believed a car full of men was following me around, says front-man Dominic Palermo of the track. “I walked through the parking lot and into a Walmart and hid there for a couple hours. I was experiencing a new consistent spell of vertigo that I believed may have been a direct result of a recent brain trauma and hospital stay. Everything seemed hazy and for a few weeks I was having a hard time sorting everything out. In the studio the vertigo never really stopped so a lot of the lyrics I had previously wrote for songs I decided to change because whatever was going on in my head I wanted out.”

Watch the trailer for the documentary:

Track Listing of Tired of Tomorrow:

1. Fever Queen
2. The Dead Are Dumb
3. Vertigo Flowers
4. ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
5. Nineteen Ninety Heaven
6. Curse Of The Sun
7. Eaten By Worms
8. Everyone Is Happy
9. Our Plague
10. Tired Of Tomorrow

Tired of Tomorrow artwork:

nothing new album

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