NRVS LVRS Share Debut Track “City Lights”

NRVS LVRS Share Debut Track

This track has clicking fingers, and hand claps. I don’t really think I need to say anything else, but, well, Google, dictators that they are, say I must attempt to write more than 300 words per post. Jerks. NRVS LVRS (pronounced Nervous Lovers, dummy) hail from San Francisco and the six piece electro-indie specialise in a kind of everything and the kitchen sink type of synthpop. Guitar, drums, & bass combine with bleeps, bloops, aforementioned hand claps, and delicate vocals to create an adventurous, yet catchy mix. The track is taken from the forthcoming debut LP The Golden West, out March 16th via Hz Castle Records.

The album deals with a myriad of heady topics, aiming to explore the fading world of the political record. ‘’Each song examines a different point of view on the latest tech disruption and its leaders” says Gomez. ‘’What is happening in SF is happening in NYC, Detroit, and to my knowledge, just about every major city in the US & Europe, so the album’s themes of dread, uncertainty, and displacement feel pretty timely, if not universal,’’ Gomez continues. “We know we’re not the only ones experiencing an inordinate amount of disillusionment and disaffection.”

When speaking specifically about “City Lights”, Gomez commented, “I listened to the demo of this song while staring at the city from my apartment building’s rooftop, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for when you’re pensively staring at the city lights and start feeling like an insignificant speck in the face of a tidal wave of change. It’s my own projection, but it does a great job of articulating my own fears about losing my little niche in this town.”

The Golden West is out March 16th via Hz Castle Records.