Number Them – ‘Skin’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New album Burden out on June 30th.

Melodic hardcore is a bit of a balancing act. Too much melody and a band can tend to sound a bit anaemic and contrived. Not enough melody and, well, then you’re just a hardcore band, right? Glasgow’s Number Them walk this tight rope with aplomb with their lean, dynamic, and intense brand of melodic hardcore.

Their new single ‘Skin’, which will feature on their album Burden, pulls in influences from across the spectrum of heavy music. At times the angular chugging on offer calls to mind Deftones at their most aggressive. Elsewhere their thunderous gallop recalls Capsize, while a brief sojourn into a near duel guitar solo conjures images of melodic death metal groups.

Their recent show with heavyweights Hundredth and Silent Planet can only mean the band a most certainly heading to bigger things.

Great craic.

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