Nuns of the Tundra – ‘Mind’s Eye’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Debut EP out this autumn.

So not too long ago we made Bristol quartet Nuns of the Tundra our ‘New Band of the Day‘. Now, they’re back with a new track that is even more awesome than their previous single ‘Robot Love’. Drawing on the idiosyncratic nature of Queens of the Stone Age and the melodic sensibilities of Stone Temple Pilots, new track ‘Mind’s Eye’ is a four minute blast of pure mainstream rock energy that has been sorely missing for, what, like at least a decade now.

The key here is the seamlessness. The entire package fits together perfectly as if the band have been playing together for years and years. This is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, not one that is only on their second single. The whole package is pretty slick, but that has not shaved off any of the energy and sheer ferocity of the group as a whole.

Screw Royal Blood. We think Nuns of the Tundra are the savours of mainstream rock.

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