O Emperor Interview: “The Irish music scene has flourished”

O Emperor

O Emperor play Merakindie’s first birthday party this Saturday, March 31st in Connolly’s of Leap.

After a two year hiatus, Dublin indie/alternative outfit O Emperor returned with a luxurious bang with recent single ‘Make It Rain’. A funky and upbeat number, it sees them move in a slightly new direction while holding onto their indie influenced roots.

They’re playing the birthday party of Cork promotion company Merkindie this weekend. To celebrate this, we decided it was high time we sat down for a chat with the group.

Overblown: You released a new track called ‘Make It Rain’ in January. It has a vaguely African vibe. Was that style of music an influence?

O Emperor: We were listening to a lot of 70s African funk and rock at the time, which seeped into some jams we were having for sure. We wanted to capture a similar live, messy ‘one room’ vibe for this record like a lot of the sounds of those records.

Overblown: Is it a standalone release or will it feature on an upcoming EP/LP?

O Emperor: We will have more singles coming out this year as well as an album, which we will be announcing soon.

Overblown: Until recently, you had not played any gigs in two years. Why the hiatus?

O Emperor: A mixture of taking it handy and also taking the time to record new tunes.

Overblown: Do you feel the Irish music scene has changed much in your absence?

O Emperor: Yeah, I think it has really started to flourish our the last two or so years with lots of different genres developing which is deadly to see.

Overblown: How has the reception been since you’ve returned to the scene?

O Emperor: The response to the new single was really positive and the shows have been great fun. People do seem to be digging the new stuff which does bring a new energy to the shows.

Overblown: You have a gig lined up this week for the Merakindie birthday party in Connolly’s of Leap. Have you played there before?

O Emperor: No never, hearing so much about it as a venue, we’re delighted to be finally going down there.

Overblown: What are your touring plans for the summer?

O Emperor: We’re going to be doing a good few Irish festivals this summer which we’ll also be announcing soon. Going to be good craic. The boom is back lad!

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