Odd Box Weekender V – Preview

Odd Box Weekender V

Overblown would like to ask you out on a date. Well, three dates really. It’s the Odd Box Weekender V and it’s taking place in London’s Shacklewell Arms on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd May. You’re busy that weekend? Really? On all three days?? Oh, we’ll be washing our hair too but we’ll do that on the Thursday ahead of the weekender. Really, if you don’t want to go to this you’ll be making a massive mistake…

We’re not offended. Honestly. We’re too excited about this event to get offended. The Odd Box Weekender V is the 5th annual event organised by the adorable Odd Box Records who reckon that the event shows off all that is good about DIY pop music NOW. They make a great point. Today they announced the final batch of bands that’ll be supplying the aural pleasure and it’s going to be sweet. Even if they’d only announced one band for the entire weekend and that band was The Spook School it would’ve been amazing but there are loads and loads of them. Here are the wonderful details:

Friday 1st May 7pm til 11:30pm:
Fever Dream, PinkShinyUltraBlast, Slum of Legs, Horowitz, Flemings
After Show DJs – ClubAC30 vs Fuzzed Up

Saturday 2nd May 1pm til 11:30pm
The Spook School, Slowcoaches, The Fish Police, Dog Legs, Not Right, Sarandon, Giant Burger, The Ethical Debating Society, City Yelps, Okinawa Picture Show, Charla Fantasma
After Show DJs – Pop-o-matic

Sunday 3rd May 1pm til 11″30pm
The Just Joans, The Middle Ones, Feature, Fishboy (Solo Set), The Manhattan Love Suicides, A Witness, Steven James Adams, Cosines, Joey Fourr, Nervous Twitch, The Wednesday Club
After Show DJs – Daytrip

It’s a shame you’re staying in to wash your hair. The tickets are so ridiculously affordable we’d even have paid for yours. An entire weekend pass for £28, a Saturday & Sunday ticket for £20, Friday Night only for £8 and even if you could only have made it for either the Saturday or the Sunday it would only have been £12. What? You’re changing your mind? Too late. We don’t want to be the cause of your dirty hair. We’ll just go and take our chances with all the other amazing girls and boys that have the good sense to be there because they love fun. In fact, we’re happy dancing on our own if needs be and we’ll be dancing all weekend, it’s gonna be amazing.

Don’t rely on a date with us, buy your own tickets right here (be quick, not surprisingly they’re selling very fast)

For more information visit the Odd Box Weekender V tumblr page.

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