Odd Morris: New Band of the Day #265

odd morris

Odd Morris has just released the three track Single Collection.

Who: Daragh Griffin (vocals, guitar), Kris Hassett (guitar), Ciarán McCarthy (bass) and Sam Martin (drums).

What: Post-Punk.

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

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Why: This Irish post-punk quartet craft a swirling and oppressive branch of post-punk. So far, they have released three stellar and intense singles. Their debut single was titled ‘What Might Be’. It is a coiled and tense affair that slowly unfurls into greater levels of intensity. Underpinned by a tribal beat and abrasive vocals that call to mind Kurt Cobain if he was from Dublin.

Their second single was ‘Lilac Leaves’. Again built on tight and intriguing percussion, the track sports a Yeah Yeah Yeahs like guitar riff and a more restrained vocal performance.

Most recently, the band released ‘Cold Water’. Probably the most restrained of the singles the group have released so far, this one is once again built on stellar drum work from Sam Martin. Daragh Martin’s vocals haunt proceedings while guitars and bass interplay with dexterity and purpose. The future is bright for these Dubliners.

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