Olympics 2016: Top 10 Alternative Sports Songs

top 10 sports songs

Sport, sport, sport – if you hate it, it’s hard to avoid – especially during leap years when you’ve got to sit through the Euros, and then the Olympics come along to pump your guts full of it over the next few weeks. Still, why not do things the Overblown way and milk some marvellous music out of it?

Here’s a selection of sporty tracks every bit as infectious as the Zika virus:

10. The Velvet Underground – Run, Run Run

Usain Bolt is unlikely to ‘take a drag or two’ over the next three weeks, but that needn’t stop the rest of us getting our monthly fix of the Velvets.

9. The Charlatans – Title Fight

Northwich baggy lads The Charlatans’ B-sides pack as much punch as their big hits, with this effort from 1997’s ‘How High’ no exception. The perfect soundtrack to the Olympics’ amateur scraps.

8. Trust Fund – Football

Football songs are rarely noted for their quality, although New Order had a good go when they teamed up with the England squad before the 1990 World Cup. Better yet is this breezy lo-fi effort celebrating the nation’s favourite sport.

7. Nirvana – Dive

Kurt Cobain and co. were probably not referring to forward somersault pikes when they put this together, but it gets their B-sides and bits and pieces album Incesticide off to a splashing start.

6. Tacocat – Horse Grrls

Posh people poncing about on a horse is a sport, apparently. Pop-punkers Tacocat had something to say about equine obsession in their Lost Time album from earlier this year.

5. TRAAMS – Swimming Pool

A murky, claustrophobic start to their 2013 debut Grin, this song sounds more about drowning than Michael Phelps getting yet another medal. Still, it holds water for this purpose.

4. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Early 70s Gymnastics

Pinwheeling experimental madness from the Pennsylvanian indietronica foursome. Unlikely to be used as music for any of the floor exercises in Rio.

3. Happy Mondays – Fat Lady Wrestlers

Sumo wrestling isn’t an Olympic sport, but freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling are. Competitors are likely to be lean and muscular rather than fat, but that won’t bother Shaun Ryder, and nor should it bother you.

2. Pixies – There Goes My Gun

Don your ear protection and yell ‘yo ho’ along with Black Francis as the Olympic shooters load up their weapons.

1. Bad Brains – Sailin’ On

One of those ‘sit-down’ sports that Great Britain usually does well in, what better soundtrack for gliding across the waves than some classic U.S. hardcore?

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