Today we are ‘the messenger’ about one very cool development that kicks memories of the Cold War right in the face (well, certainly in the bootie). Today, the Texas-based record label Moon Sounds Records has announced it will be releasing the new single from Ukrainian artist Omodada featuring Tik Tu. This is the natural result of the removal of barriers – first, from those omnipresent during the Soviet era and second, from those created by geographic limitations. Indeed, music knows no boundaries.

We present you Omodada’s new ‘single’, which is actually comprised of two tracks – the original track ‘All My Gods’ feat. Tik Tu, plus a succulent chill remix by Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo Ummagma. The single is slated for release on February 16.

‘All My Gods’ is where ambient, arpeggios, and angelic vocals combine in a stairway of revelry. No stranger to remixing, Ummagma also delivers a wicked remix here that is like a sweet molasses slow burner, sweeping and trippy. Both versions cleverly build in intensity with the addition of layers and intensification of Nataly Bagriy’s vocals.

Omodada and Tik Tu
Omodada and Tik Tu
















We’ve also informally picked the bands’ brains a bit and thought we should present you some cool quirks about this band that you might not otherwise know:

– ‘All My Gods’ was recorded in a ‘Hootir’ studio – this is like a stand-alone building wayyyyyy in otherwise unpopulated territory (apart from just a couple other houses)
– Lesik Drachuk (a.k.a. Omodada) is also the drummer in Tik Tu (along with Nataly Bagriy and Roman Boshko).
– Lesik is also a member of Los Colorados, perhaps best known for viral cover videos of Rammstein, Katy Perry and “I Like To Move It” (over 6 million views combined), among others.
– All three artists are from Ternopil, a city in Western Ukraine that is not really famous for much of anything (internationally) other than its place in various wars (i.e. Russia vs. Poland and the Soviet Union vs. Germany). Also a huge amount of Jews killed here in WWII (about 17,000).
– However, within Ukraine, Ternopil is known as an artistic hotbed – home to a whack of emerging bands playing diverse styles of music – Omodada and Tik Tu are but two of them, and Ummagma having lived nearby in the town of Kremenets (they are now in Canada).
– Ummagma represented Ukraine in the 2013 Alternative Eurovision, organised by Amazing Radio (and they won)! Ummagma & Omodada featured as the top two bands in The Sound of Confusion’s wrap-up of Ukraine’s Best Releases of 2015.

‘All My Gods’ is about bringing humanity to another planet. “We are big fans of Canadian-American engineer Elon Musk, who is well known by Tesla Motors and SpaceX. His big work now is about colonising Mars,” explains Lesik Drachuk. “We wanted to create an atmospheric picture with a view on eternal space, envisioning ourselves singing this song in a spaceship leading us to the red planet. We consider ‘All My Gods’ as a perfect soundtrack for the Discovery Science channel.”

As one of our key new discoveries from Eastern Europe, we think this is a band to keep an eye on in 2016. And ears.

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Lesik Drachuk
Lesik Drachuk