Order of the Mess Interview: “We are living in a time where we are distracted”

order of the mess

Order of the Mess plan to release their debut album early next year.

Cork based, but Italy born, alternative rock duo Order of the Mess are quickly making quite a name for themselves with their melodic and thundering alternative rock. Creating a huge sound that makes them sound more like a quintet than a duo, they have been carving out a following for the last few years. Over the last few months they have released two excellent singles in the form of ‘Touch My Soul’ and ‘Si-B’ which hint that their album is one that will pummel the listener from start to finish.

We recently had a chat with the duo about their fondness for videos that hark back to the MTV era, their plans for their upcoming album, and the Cork music scene.

Overblown: The new music video for ‘Touch My Soul’ is pretty dark. Where did the idea for the video come from?

Order of the Mess: The idea of the video came out after weeks of talks with the director Matteo Casalegno. The funny thing was we had the exact same idea for the video without having talked about it before. Probably it’s related to the meaning and dark sound of the song. We are shouting “Come on! Get out! Come on!” to all the people and to ourselves.

We are living in a time where we are so distracted and you need to “kidnap” people to let them live good things (music included), we are so busy with so many silly things that we are losing the awareness about what is good and bad. But when you face the reality, everything changes. We had great fun shooting this video, because we are everything but dark :).

O: You have an album recorded and ready to release. Is the sound similar to the songs you have released so far? Any hints at a release date?

OotM: All the songs sound in a different way and each of them has its own story and the writing process was completely different for each song. The amazing job done by our producer Carlo Fajo Girardi between Westland Studio in Dublin and One Black Sock studio in Turin (Italy) was unique to let our songs sound strong enough respecting the difference between each song. We can’t wait to release the album but we are not in a rush and we don’t have a release date yet, we will release it when the audience will be ready. But no worries, we will introduce to it step by step in the upcoming months.

O: You recorded the album in Westland Studios. Bob Dylan, The Cure, Sinead O’Connor and many others have recorded there. What was it like recording in such a historic studio?

OotM: It was amazing even if it wasn’t easy. Working with such amazing stuff in a very short time (we recorded the album in 6 days in a row working not less than 10 hours per day) needed a professional producer behind the desk to let songs sound as we wanted. We are very thankful to Carlo Fajo Girardi because his expertise made the difference in order to use that amazing studio at 100%. The historic studio excitement was over very fast as we had the challenge to make a great record in a very short time. And we are happy about the result.

O: You guys are both Italian is that correct? How do you find the music scene in Cork compared to back home?

OotM: It’s correct even if we didn’t know each other before we moved to Ireland. We are coming from 2 opposite parts of Italy and we faced 2 different music scenes and experiences in our country. In our country it is very tough to find your own space, but what makes the difference anywhere, is the attitude.

The Cork music scene is full of good bands but the lack of venues and support between bands are not helping it. We are very lucky to have promoters like Cormac of Cosmonaut Music Cork who is bringing a lot of good alternative acts to town trying to involve venues that usually have never been suited for alternative music. His passion is what makes the difference. We hope to have more promoters like him and more venues in the near future.

O: Another song you have released so far is ‘Si-B’. What does that mean?

OotM: Si is the note B in Italian. The song is in B note, and we called that way when we first started writing the. We liked how it sounded so we kept it.

O: There is a video for that song too. Both videos have very good production value. They’re very professional. It seems important to you to have impressive visuals to go with the songs. Why is that?

OotM: We are both very passionated with TV series and we think it’s beautiful to have nice videos cause we love them. We were part of the MTV generation and we do think that having an amazing videos related to your songs is very cool. Hope one day to have bigger budget to make them better and better.

O: Do you have plans to release any more videos / singles?

OotM: We do, that’s part of our plan.

O: You have an upcoming gig in Cork with Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs. Are you fans of the band? Excited?

OotM: We are super excited to be part of it and we can’t wait to perform our show. Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs are a brilliant stoner band and the 25th of August @ an Spalpin Fanach will be remembered.

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