The Orielles Interview: “We bonded over our love of Tarantino and the Pixies”


Jobin EP  Is Out Now Via Art Is Hard Records.

Surf pop young guns The Orielles sound like something of a contradiction in musical terms; sweet, red-cheeked rock n’ roll. Not the sucking-on-a-lollipop, doe-eyed sweet that first springs to mind, more of a deep, otherworldly sweet; mango chutney or duck in hoisin sauce, for example. That’s not to say that the indie threesome don’t pack a punch, garage rock influences and splashes of Alvvays and The Pixies ensure that their sound should land a good blow on any unsuspecting indie rock fan.

After clearly being stark-raving bonkers for not talking to them before, we finally wised up and asked their drummer Sid a few questions about their beginning, their future and their (possible) forced conversion to a 1970s Disco band.

Overblown: How did you guys first come about?

The Orielles: We first met at a house party in our hometown and bonded over similar interests including our love for Tarantino and the Pixies. We decided to meet up and have a jam the next day!

O: You’ve done so well in the ‘indie scene’. If you could boil down your success to a few key components, what would you say those were?

TO: Thanks! I’d say the main one would be going to Canada back in May. It was such a fun experience and we loved playing over there, the crowds seemed to be into it as well which was rad. Also we have just returned from a tour with Spanish band The Parrots which was also a good laugh and fun to hit some new places we’ve not visited or played before.

O: A big, hairy, nasty man puts a gun to all of your heads (he has three arms, whatever) and tells you to completely change your sound. What band do you become? (Let’s pretend he keeps his gun at your temple throughout the whole process – he has super arms – there’s no way out).

TO: This dude sounds psycho! I’d say if we had to completely change our sound we’d become a disco band as we’re all really into 70’s music. We’d wear matching outfits.

O: You’ve worked with a variety of labels, including Art Is Hard and Scruff Of The Neck. For you, what’s the benefit with working with different people?

TO: The benefit is that it enables you to mix with different crowds in different cities. Both labels work so differently as well which is interesting and we’ve learned a lot from everyone we have worked with in the past.

O: Overblown readers have famously outstanding musical taste (don’t you know?) – what new sounds would you suggest our audience get their ears around?

TO: Definitely check the new Drugdealer LP! It’s insane, so different, and is a really nice mix of jazz/funk. The track End Of Comedy also features Weyes Blood (who also rules) and it sounds like Carole King, it’s beaut. The new Wilco album is so tight as well!

O: We’re almost at the end of 2016 already. Jesus Christ. What have you got planned for the closing autumn and winter months?

TO: We’re off to Amsterdam in October to record some tunes with Raven from the band Moses and the Firstborn so that will be really fun. Aside from recording, we have a few gigs but I think we’re mainly focusing on getting some tracks down for our debut album!

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