Outpoint: New Band of the Day #249


Outpoint’s debut self-titled EP is out now.

Who: Don’t know!

What: Instrumental post-rock.

Where:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Why:  Canadian instrumental post-rock one-man project Outpoint arrive fully formed on their self titled debut EP. ‘Far, Away From Here’ kicks things off with an enticing, melodic but intricate riff that is quickly joined by some restrained drums and bass before segueing gorgeously into a section of soaring riffage. The slight nods to post-metal and prog metal add an edge to the track that is welcome indeed.

Next up is ‘Tides’. This one is quicker to get running. The focus on both tracks is emotion and immediacy really. There is impressive instrumentation but it serves the song. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next from Outpoint.

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