Outrun the Sunlight – ‘Red Bird’ | Track by Track

Outrun the Sunlight

Outrun the Sunlight’s latest album Red Bird is out now.

A red bird, or cardinal, can symbolise a number of things. Some would suggest it symbolises love and warmth. In that sense, it could be a possible passionate encounter or a sign of you settling down in life with the person you love. On top of that, it can also be symbolic of power, wealth, and enthusiasm.

As such it is a resoundingly apt title for the latest record from Chicago instrumental post-metal outfit Outrun the Sunlight. A diverse and intense set of four tracks, the record varies from the delicate beauty of the title track to the ferocity of ‘The Danger of Alignment’ definitely encompassing both love and power.

We wanted to get a deeper insight into the album, so we spoke to Austin Peters (guitarist and composer with Outrun the Sunlight) about synergy, discomfort and love.

1Red Bird

The theme of the album is about love and change. Musically, I was inspired by the solo artist, Cloudkicker. I was observing how the desolate and quiet moments of Chicago’s winters are deeply contrasted to how busy and city life usually is. To me, it’s a reminder of falling in love, and how that too can be such an distinct contrast to what feels normal. This was my first attempt at a love song… I think it went pretty well.


I was influenced by The Contortionist when creating this track. We wanted to cram all the things we love about modern metal into one song (which The Contortionist is really good at doing). It’s more fun to play live, there’s so much to concentrate on, and once you’ve made it through, the ending is just triumphant. Synergy is about communicating with the people we care about.

3The Danger of Alignment

This track is about how people can manipulate you to align with their perspective, when in reality, they’re not concerned about you at all, just themselves. It’s definitely the angriest track on the record, with some heavy Russian Circles and Caspian influence. Connor wrote the tapping melody in the second half, which really brings the track down to a more mellow place, but the tone of it still suggests some frustration and confusion.

4Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort

To grow is to be uncomfortable. Without discomfort, we cannot learn from our mistakes, and sometimes when we fuck up, it can make it harder to see the bigger picture. I wanted to remind myself and anyone listening that it’s ok to feel that way, but to not give up, to take personal responsibility, and in the end, you can only learn from your experiences. In that way, we gain wisdom, and we remain in a constant state of discomfort.

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