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Full Song Listing And Info!

Consider the below like the CD sleeve of yesterday, just don’t paw it too much and enjoy the tunes!


Overblown: Down The Front Vol. 1 (CD1)

1. Foreign Flag – ‘Pills’

Dirty punk duo from London Foreign Flag are a raucous and incendiary proposition. ‘Pills’ is their debut single and is two minutes of filthy fury.

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2. Buzz Rodeo – ‘Underground Luxury’

Melding noise rock and post punk, German group Buzz Rodeo create quite the cacophonous racket. ‘Underground Luxury’ is taken from their stellar debut album Sports, which is available via Bandcamp.

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3. CHUCK – ‘Wipe Out’

Now for something completely different. CHUCK (aka Charles Gibson) is a lo-fi singer/songwriter who hails from New York. A reflective and insightful bedroom pop song with an eye for detail in the lyrics, ‘Wipe Out’ is taken from CHUCK’s most recent album My Band Is A Computer.

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4. THUMPER – ‘Chimera’

Ireland is pretty much awash with absolutely excellent alternative rock bands at the minute, and Dublin’s THUMPER are one of the most promising. Their MO is one of lo-fi, melodic alternative rock glory. ‘Chimera’, from recent EP Magnum Opuss, shows the quintet at their most exploratory.

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5. LONG BODY – ‘Wither’

Shoegazey fuzzpop duo from Leeds in the UK, LONG BODY have a knack for melody and a wall of sound. As a double a-side with ‘Bloom’, ‘Wither’ is the band’s first physical release which you can grab on baby pink vinyl from Honeypot Records.

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6. False Heads – ‘Slew’

Loved by Iggy Pop and signed to Libertines drummer Gary Powell’s record label 25 Hour Convenience Store, False Heads certainly get hyped enough. However, they also live up to the hype as their snotty alternative rock sound on recent single ‘Slew’ calls to mind bands as disparate as Queens of the Stone Age and Blur.

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7. Mi mye – ‘Night City Air’

An indie folk rock quintet from Wakefield, mi mye is lead by principal song writer and lyricist Jamie Lockhart. Their songs are enveloping and warm, but tinged with melancholy and regret. Their new album, The Sympathy Sigh, is an absolute beauty.

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8. Young Hellions – ‘Fractures and Cacophony’

Young Hellions is the solo project of the wonderfully named Maeve Munro. For those not in the know, Maeve is an Irish name that means ‘joy’ and there is definitely a joyfulness in Munro’s cathartic and purgative music.

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9. Vibrissae – ‘Never Again’

There’s something exceedingly 90’s about Portland electronic punks Vibrissae. Luckily, we love the 90’s. ‘Never Again’ is an electrifying drum ‘n’ bass highlight from their debut album Somewhere Away.

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10. Stella Diana – ‘Shohet’

Shoegaze is what Naples trio Stella Diana are all about. ‘Shohet’ is an excellent example of their melodic and ebullient take on the genre. Also, a ‘shohet’ is “a person officially licensed by rabbinic authority as slaughterer of animals and poultry for use as food in accordance with Jewish laws.”

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11. Ealadha – ‘Hurricanes’

Irish trio Ealadha, named after a prince from Irish mythology, play a variant of post rock that focuses on brevity and concision. Over the course of the four tracks that comprise their debut EP Limit of our Sight the group also incorporate aspects of metal and alternative rock to create a soaring, but accessible, experience.

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Overblown: Down The Front Vol. 1 (CD2)

1. Bratakus – ‘Pollution Evolution’

Picking up the mantle from the likes of Kathleen Hanna and Kat Bjelland, Bratakus are riot grrrl punk duo straight out of Scotland. Also, they have excellent names. Onnagh and Breagha.

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2. Drown – ‘Descent’

Apparently I pronounce Galway really strangely. Like ‘Gaul-way’. No matter, Drown are an alternative rock quintet that hail from Galway in Ireland. Their use of synths and the contrast between the male and female vocalists is what sets them apart.

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3. BDRMM – ‘Everything’

Pronounced ‘bedroom’, BDRMM is the one man project of Ryan Smith. ‘Everything’, BDRMM’s debut single, is popgaze at its very finest. Endearing and ethereal.

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4. Rachel Mason – ‘Werewolf of Wysteria’

We had never heard of the Werewolf of Wysteria prior to hearing this song. He was a serial killer who operated in America in the 1920s and 1930s. Named Albert Fish, he claimed that he murdered up to 100 children. This song from Rachel Mason is suitably creepy and weird for such a macabre subject.

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5. Heavy Heart – ‘Fever Dream’

London quintet Heavy Heart have set themselves the task of writing a releasing one track a month for the entirity of 2016. ‘Fever Dream’, with its crisp guitars and soaring chorus, is Overblown’s pick of the bunch so far.

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6. American Clay – ‘Genius’

Purveyors of some very fine alternative rock, Glasgow group American Clay follow in the footsteps of Sugar, and Foo Fighters sitting on the fine line between crunch and melody. They released their debut EP Happenstance in September 2016, but you can’t get ‘Genius’ on that. So you better download this comp!

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7. Ummagma – ‘Human Factor’

Ummagma are a Ukrainian/Canadian husband and wife duo that expertly meld dreampop, nugaze, post punk and about fifty other genres. ‘Human Factor’ is a gentle offering from their self titled album, which just may be their strongest.

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8. Bad Breeding – ‘Burn This Flag’

Vitriolic and incendiary punk is on offer from Stevenage’s Bad Breeding. ‘Burn This Flag’ is a short and fiery diatribe against jingoism and extreme patriotism. I think. Regardless, it’s the kind of restless cacophony that is all too rare in 2016.

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9. Weird. – ‘Infinite Decay’

Weird. are the second Italian shoegaze band in this compilation. This trio hail from Rome, and their offering ‘Infinite Decay’ is a robust and meaty chunk of music that melds a shoegaze chorus with post punk verses. We really must ask them why they have a full stop at the end of their name.

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10. Mia Loucks – ‘My Girl’

Everyone should have a bit of lo-fi music in their lives. ‘My Girl’, from singer songwriter Mia Loucks, is one such lo-fi introspective and reflective ode to a lover. Intimate.

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