Overblown’s 10 To Watch In 2016

10 to watch in 2016

With 2015 all done and dusted, it is time to look to the future. This is my favourite time of the music year. I love a bit of anticipation. It’s like the moment before Shane Long smashed the ball into the back of the net against Germany. It’s nearly better than the goal itself! The joy of the unknown. The hope is nigh on frightening.

With that in mind, here’s Overblown’s list of ten artists you simply gots to keep an ear open for. If you don’t, then I question your worth on this planet. Excessive? Probably. True? Most definitely not. What else are you going to do? Browse pictures of cats on Reddit?

  1. Paerish – Formerly know as Crackity Flynn, this four piece French rock band may have only released two songs, but they’re both peaches. ‘Undone’ is the clear highlight. Splashy drums, big guitars, and delicate, mournful vocals.
  2. All Them Witches – This Nashville, Tennessee four piece aren’t a fan of labels. They define their genre as ‘Listen’. With this in mind, I’ll not attempt to describe their sound too much and just say have a listen below. You may want to go and lie in the desert and smoke a bowl while doing so. Epic stuff.
  3. Gang – Combining the tongue in cheek playfulness of legendary sludge trio the Melvins with a more melodic aesthetic than the Seattle proto grungers, these chaps from Brighton are a fuzzy, quirky proposition. After releasing a number of very well received singles, hopefully 2016 will see them step up and release what is bound to be a pretty awesome EP or album.
  4. Diet Cig – Having released one of Overblown’s favourite EPs of 2015, this New York based duo present lo-fi guitar pop songs of the joyful and, conversely, world weary variety. Songs about music scenes that are a little too cool for their own good, broken relationships, and moving out for the first time permeated their debut EP Over Easy, and this year should see them release a short, vulnerable and yet defiant debut album.
  5. Never Young – Playing a brand of post hardcore that is indebted to At The Drive-In and Jawbox, this Bay Area group of ruffians have released two stellar EPs in the last couple of years. Hopefully a full length will follow in 2016. P.S. I imagine they destroy live.
  6. Findlay – This 24 year old is from Manchester and it is immediately obvious upon first listen to her dancey, hypnotic indie rock. Now located in London, Findlay has a couple of effortlessly seductive EPs under her belt. She claims, “I’m just a girl with a microphone”, and that sounds like it is plenty to us.
  7. The Altered Hours – Ireland post-punks The Altered Hours are an imposing and claustrophobic listen. At times fiery and confrontational while at others more withdrawn their debut album In Heat Not Sorry is out this month. You better check it out.
  8. Anna B Savage – This singer songwriter from Stevenage is headed to big things. Her voice is intense and powerful while her music is stripped down and cathartic. Her debut EP is one of our favourites of 2015, and her debut album should be a confrontational, vulnerable, and empowering trip. I cannot wait.
  9. Terrorista – This Canadian two peace are self proclaimed purveyors of ‘post-post-post-punk’. Their Colour Tape Compilation from last year is playful, loud, and fast. It invites beer and dancing. They just announced their debut EP proper. It’s out on February 2. Get it.
  10. Thumper – This Dublin based group are pretty much every I like in a band. Lo-fi, fuzzy, and melodic their debut EP from March last year suggested a band with a keen ear and an ability to bounce from cacophony to catchy at the drop of a pint.

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