Overblown’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A completely legitimate holiday and not a capitalist money grab in any way. Having said that, capitalism is the reason you have an education, your own teeth, and plan to live beyond forty. So read on! And spend all your moolah on things for your nerdy music loving spouse.


Have a list of songs that you listen to with the one you love? Get them on a vinyl with its own custom artwork via Dutch start up Vinylify! There’s even 5% off your first order at the minute.

2Morrissey Gift Cards

Who know who’s a hopeless romantic? Yep. Morrissey. The perfect accompaniment to the perfect gift for the significant other. They’ll love you forever. A heavenly way to die, indeed.

3Vape Club

My Von Erl Starter Kits at Vape Club – the UK’s largest online retailer of vaping products and e-cigarettes – have been very popular over recent months. Stoptober has seen general starter kit sales increase by 29% year on year following the launch of the 2017 campaign. Being 95% healthier than cigarettes, a vaping starter kit provides the perfect gift for the health conscious or even the tech-savvy as you can modify them to best suit you.

4Running Vest Speakers

Does your favourite person also love a bit of a run? Then let them run while they listen to Slipknot or whatever it is gets them up in the cold at 6am in the morning.

5Personalised Mixtape Doormat

This works especially well if your surname is ‘Smith’. If not, you can always just go with ‘Deftones’, ‘Cannibal Corpse’, or ‘Anal Cunt’. They all work too and would be welcome addition to anyone’s home.


The self proclaimed ‘music club for new music junkies’. “Artists submit their records to us and we put our fave five to you each month. You place your vote and we press your winner to vinyl next!” That’s their claim and it sounds pretty awesome to us.

7Cymbal Pleasures

Custom made artwork on drum cymbals. Cooler than that vinyl you have on your wall. Get on it.