Ozzy Osbourne signs up to become face of Metal Casino

metal casino

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has signed up to become brand ambassador for Metal Casino. As of November 2017, Ozzy is the new face of the heavy metal themed casino. This deal will also see Osbourne become a part owner.

Metal Casino

On their about section Metal Casino state “Metal Casino is the world’s first casino that embraces Metal music fans and casino lovers. Players will be able to win metal merchandise, concert tickets, meet bands backstage and more.”

Who founded Metal casino?

Founded by a bunch of tech-savvy metal heads Metal Casino was born. The idea was to create the world’s first metal themed casino. MetalCasino.com promises its players a harder rush. It’s not just about offering the very latest in kickass casino gaming, it’s also about bringing fans closer to the music they love, and closer to the bands too. Metal Casino also stands by its core brand values of being true, relevant and dedicated to their customers.

It was this genuine love of heavy metal that netted Ozzy Osbourne. After being approached by the guys at Metal Casino, Ozzy was won over by their passion. Speaking about signing up to Metal Casino Ozzy said “The guys at Metal Casino told me that their brand was all about being true, relevant and dedicated to the customer and that really resonated with me,” he said. “To me, that translated as keeping it real, keeping it original, and doing it all for your fans, and that’s all I’ve been trying to do my whole fuckin’ life.”

Since signing up as Metal Casino’s brand ambassador, Osbourne has also become a part owner. Ozzy dedicated his whole life to heavy metal music. Formed in the late 60’s, Black Sabbath were Ozzy’s ticket to fame. Paving the way for other heavy metal bands.

Unfortunately, fame has not always been a friend to Ozzy Osbourne. In his lifetime he has battled with addiction and family problems. None of this seemed to matter to Metal Casino who were thrilled to sign him up “Ozzy Osbourne is a legend and now he’s a partner with Metal Casino. As far as we’re concerned, this is the biggest sponsorship deal in the world and we’re still in awe that our all-time hero is on board with the project.”

What can fans expect from Metal Casino?

Metalheads and casino game fans can expect a hardcore casino experience. What will really grab attention is the Merchandise Room. Here is where Metal Casino keeps their best merchandise. Players will be able to snatch up Metal Casino apparel, concert tickets, and even a signed guitar. That’s right one of David Ellefson’s Jackson Bass Guitars are up for grabs! Players can get their hands on these goodies by signing up to Metal Casino.

Within the games section players will even choose metal themed slots. Some of the bands honoured with their own slot games are Guns’ N’ Roses and Megadeth. Metal fans will also be pleased that Ron Thal (Guns N Roses) is also a brand ambassador.

Casino review site Casinos.co said in their full Metal Casino review “We’re definitely ready to rock the boat with Metal Casino, given their huge gaming selection and awesome welcome offer. Jump onto the tour-bus and get ready to travel the world. All you have to do is hit that sign-up button.”

Metal Casino have clearly put a lot of thought into the design and feel of the casino. Features like a fully stocked Merch Room and a world tour bonus round make Metal Casino stand out.

Speaking about the design Clas Dahlén, Chief Marketing Officer at Metal Casino said “When we started Metal Casino, we knew it had to be more than just a casino, but a platform for a global community of metalheads and casino lovers to share their passion. With Ozzy’s help, we’re going to make this happen.”