Pale Honey Share ‘Youth’, Announce Debut Album

pale honey youth

Without ever realising, it turns out that I am a firm fan of honey based musical enterprises. Honeyblood, Black Honey, Mudhoney, the Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Just Like Honey’, 90’s R&B trio The Honeyz (no, seriously) all have a special place within my various Spotify Playlists, and heart.

The new single from Swedish minimalistic rock-duo Pale Honey doesn’t buck the trend. ‘Youth’ is released today through Bolero Records, and is well worth a listen. Comprised solely of Tuva Lodmark (guitar and vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums), these girls are another kick in the teeth to the idiots arguing that this year’s Reading & Leeds’ 89.6% male line up is simply due to rock being a ‘male genre’.

Devoid of any fuss, and powerful in effect, new single ‘Youth’ shifts from a stripped back guitar riff and basic drum beat to a frenzied bolt of rock and roll in an effortless instant. Tuva’s low, controlled vocals build tension throughout the track, remaining subdued even as her guitar explodes into the powerful, gutsy chorus. Loud and quiet interplay between the chorus and verses works to duly enhance the nervy vibe.

If you want to hear more from these Gothenburg gals (and I suspect you might) their 2014 EP ‘Fiction’ is available on Spotify and iTunes. This should keep you going until their self-titled debut album is released through Bolero Records, on May 4th.

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