Palehound Share ‘Healthier Folk’

Debut Album Dry Food  Set To Be Released August 14th via Exploding In Sound.

New York based independent label Exploding In Sound is in a rich vein of form recently. They’ve become a bastion of really interesting post-hardcore and generally all things raucous, fuzzy, and edgy. They’ve released stellar albums by Pile, Krill, and Geronimo! amongst a plethora of others. One of their latest discoveries is Boston based off kilter alternative rockers Palehound. Think Pavement. Think Weezer. There’s even a touch of Minutemen! Good times.

Next month, Dry Food, the debut album by Palehoud, is set to be released. Undoubtedly, the record will be in for some acclaim from many corners and with ‘Healthier Folk’, the latest track to be released from the album after last month’s ‘Molly’, it isn’t hard to see why. The track marries off kilter acoustic melodies and full bodied near dissonant choruses with near effortless aplomb. Listen to ‘Healthier Folk’ above.

Listen to ‘Molly’ below:

Dry Food Album Artwork:

palehound healthier folk


Dry Food Tracklist:
01. Molly
02. Healthier Folk
03. Easy
04. Cinnamon
05. Dry Food
06. Dixie
07. Cushioned Caging
08. See Konk

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