Parsons Rocket Project – ‘Exit Launch’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Parsons Rocket Project

Self titled EP out August 11.

It’s quite an accomplishment to create something that sounds both fresh and familiar all in one. But that’s what Atlanta-based quintet Parsons Rocket Project have achieved. ‘Exit Launch’ is the first single from their upcoming self titled debut EP, and it deftly combines shoegaze, dreampop, space rock, and a touch of the grandeur of post rock just for good measure.

Combined with this is a subtle and beautiful video of microchips and space that proceeds leisurely in sync with the measured pace of the track. It complements the song perfectly as it doesn’t assault the viewer but instead washing over the listener creating a sense of solid security.

“Exit Launch is about the allegorical descent of man through the story of Lucifer’s fall. The imperfection of man and darkness in our hearts that still exists through vanity, pride, materialism (mirrors) and false words of encouragement / deceit of the tongue (sound). ‘Lucky lunar girls, Snowblind in the night’ alludes to the fashion industry and cocaine,” explains Jody Hasty (Lyrics, Synth, Electric Piano, Drums).

“Maybe it’s a longer way for me to describe what Oscar Wilde did in one sentence: “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

The group also includes: Paul Curry – Bass, Benjamin Price – Guitar, Percussion, Midnight Editing, Jeff Holt – Guitar, and K. Michelle Dubois – Vocals.

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