Parsons Rocket Project – Guest Playlist

Parsons Rocket Project
Photo by Isadora Pennington.

Self titled debut EP out now.

After listening to the eclectic and sonically experimental debut EP from Atlanta-based Parsons Rocket Project, I found myself immediately wondering, “What do these folks listen to?” The EP is one of singular beauty, mixing ambiance, dream pop, shoegaze, and deft melody. Luckily, the band took a little time recently to take us through ten songs that they’ve been loving at the moment and were an influence on their diverse and engrossing oeuvre.

1. Washed Out – ‘Get Lost’

Brand new from Athens, GA’s Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out. its new and a different direction for him, still getting used to the shift from his chillwave previous stuff.

2. Twin Studies – ‘Space Girl’

From Atlanta. Included because this track has it all, nice atmospherics, a nice shift there in feel at 1:09, then a noise blast later in the track. Nice!

3. Applesauce Tears – ‘Fuzzy Mammoth’

Also from Atlanta, sonically interesting cinematic-esque atmospherics. They have newer material than this track that is really good, but this one always stuck with me. Its gorgeous.

4. Washed Out – ‘Amor Fati’

This one strikes that great balance of chill+energetic. If there was enough space, we would list at least 5 more Washed Out tracks.

5. The Love Agenda – ‘Just For The Day’

The Love Agenda AKA Steven Webb. included on the list for its very “classic” shoegaze feel, but with a different tack here with the prominent vocal. But true to the shoegaze roots.

6. The Coathangers – ‘Watch Your Back’

One of the better known bands out of Atlanta, included for the fun energy!

7. PLS PLS – ‘Laser Eyes’

Well, for starts this one is titled “Laser Eyes” and there is a bold falsetto vocal in here, how could we not include this!?

8. K Michelle Dubois – ‘Warhol Taught Me’

K Michelle does some great stuff and we’re only slightly biased since she does vocals with us. Love the guitars here which hit a nice mix of fuzzy and jangly. Plus an inspirational message courtesy of Warhol: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

9. Deerhunter – ‘Desert Lines’

Famous Atlanta act doing what they do best here on “desire lines.”
That outro, man.

10. Deep State – ‘Muscle Memory’

In luv with this ripper of a track. Such a fun vibe from this Athens GA band. The attitude in the vocal delivery is just the business. The storyline is great, and the EP is titled “Bein’ Mean” which is just wonderful. Athens, presente!

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