Participant Shares ‘A Change’ From New EP

participant a change

Content  EP Out Soon.

Dublin based producer/song writer Participant (nom de musique of one Stephen Tiernan) came to Overblown’s attention through his wonderful Bit Slow EP, and in particular the track ‘Shelter’ late last year. It touched on an eclectic background of musical interests, pairing industrial clunks along side gentle vocals and strings. Wonderful.

‘A Change’ is the first track to be released from Participant’s upcoming EP Content. In point of fact it is not a huge change from what has come before. It is haunting and eerie much like a large deal of the Bit Slow EP. However, the scope and ambition has been enlarged. The whole enterprise is bigger. Fear not, this does not mean that the intimate atmosphere that Participant can so beautifully craft has been neglected in favour of bombast. There is plenty of nuance and tenderness to accompany his new found breadth.

“I didn’t realise it until afterwards but Bit Slow was a weight I’d been carrying for years, “says Tiernan. “Since it’s release I’ve gained more pleasure from music than ever before. It might not be obvious at first listen but Content has an undercurrent of hope and love. Feelings I’d struggled with incorporating into my music until recently.”

Watch the video for ‘A Change’ below. It sports some beautiful footage of Ireland from the 1980’s. Do it.

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