Party Hardly Chat To Us On New Single ‘Friendly Feeling’ Release Day

party hardly

New single ‘Friendly Feeling’ out today, 25 November.

Today Leeds indie rock quartet Party Hardly are releasing their quite exquisite new single ‘Friendly Feeling’. A playful track that manages to be both dreamy and chunky, the track has done most excellently on indie and local radio since its premiere over on Dork. Melding fuzzy and feedback tinged guitar with a sweet melody and a slacker vibe, the song demands repeat listens.

We managed to get a hold the the quartet for a quick chat about the single and what exactly is going on in the Party Hardly world.

See Party Hardly live!

25 Manchester, Fallow Cafe

16 Leeds, Wharf Chambers

25 Leeds, The Library Lending Room

Download the track for free via the Soundcloud link below!

Overblon: So – you used to be WULFS and sounded pretty good then, back when you released with Art is Hard. Why the reincarnation in the form of Party Hardly?

Party Hardly: There was another band called Wulf and they were much better than us, people got confused, I remember we had some amazing radio play of the back of them as the presenters thought we were that Wulf, so I guess we can thank them for that. We also became a fully fledged four piece live outfit around the start of 2015 so we just thought a new name was in order!

O: Really love your single ‘Friendly Feeling’ (OUT TODAY) – what’s the story there?

PH: It’s essentially a song about having a good time with your loved ones, but it’s also an ode to the good, bad and weird and wonderful sides too relationships. It’s weird to think that we pair up with someone for most of our lives sharing an creating life.

O: I’ve seen a sneak peek of your music video, for anyone who hasn’t yet (pretty much everyone) it’s so, so funny and done with such great humour. What was the idea behind it?

PH: With the music video we basically attempted to portray the idea behind the song in a kind of TV episode / old school film way, the main idea was to have humans portrayed as aliens being watched by other hypothetical beings, we tried to make it weird and humorous it’s definitely tongue in cheek! We drew up the storyboard and Chris Kenward from Poplar Productions came and filmed the video he did a great job of it so we’re excited to release it!

O: You’ve played alongside some great bands. What have been your favourite shows?

PH: My personal favourite would probably be when we played Oporto Bar in Leeds with Trudy & The Romance not so long ago. Some other highlights for us would be playing the new Briggate stage at Live at Leeds festival and the first Fluffer Records Custard Thruster down in London.

O: It’s creeping towards Christmas guys, so, if you could put one album (per member) in everyone’s Christmas stockings this year, what would they be?

PH: There’s so many albums we’d want to put in peoples stockings, but here’s some that we’ve been really liking and listening to at the moment.

Tom: The Wytches – All Your Happy Life
Lachlan: Magaret Glaspy – Emotions & Math
Matt: Mild High Club – Skiptracing
Chris: Cat Stevens – Teaser and The Fireboat

O: What’s the plans for 2017?

PH: More gigs and release of course! We’re in the studio again at the moment recording more singles. We’d also love to do some sort of tour that would be good!

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