Pass Microsoft 70-735 Exam for OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10 and Get A Salary Raise

The Microsoft 70-735 exam, also known as OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10, is associated with the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification. Note that the credentials offered by Microsoft are the most valued ones in the IT sphere and all IT experts agree that holding such a certificate will jump-start your career and boost your salary.

This test is not expensive; it will cost you about $165. If you are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network program and/or the Microsoft Imagine Academy program, then you will receive a 10-30% discount.

If you decide to cancel the exam, you should do it at least six days before the scheduled test date, as otherwise, you will have to pay additional fees. When you do not show up for the exam or cancel it too late, you will lose the money paid for the test. You should know that for your $165 you will also have two free retakes if you fail to pass the exam on your first try. Even if you are not confident that you will be able to pass the test, it’s better to show up and fail if than not appear at all.

The exam lasts about 90 minutes, and you will have to answer from 40 to 60 questions. The number of questions may change, as Microsoft regularly updates this certification test in order to keep up with the development of the IT sphere. As stated on the official Microsoft website, the candidates need to be experienced enough to pass the exam because using only the training materials (including the ones recommended by Microsoft) are not sufficient, and the test takers should practice a lot.

You can take this test in English, as well as in many other languages. If English is not your native language, you may request some additional time to prepare for the exam. If you do not respond correctly to the questions, you will not be penalized, so don’t leave any empty fields. Try to answer each question. If there are several correct answers for a particular question, you will earn points for each part of your response that is correct. You will receive your score report very quickly – in a few minutes after completing the test. Once you pass the exam, you will also receive the certificate.

Microsoft states that the following topics are always covered in the 70-735 exam:

  • Servicing Offline Images. This topic describes the processes of adding drivers to images, adding language packages to images, as well as updating them. It will also cover the process of deploying and optimizing images. This topic is the largest one,as it covers 40-45% of the exam questions. We recommend you to start studying this topic first, as once you complete it, you will be well-prepared for a significant part of the test.
  • Servicing Online Images. When you complete this topic, you should be able to create and restore packages, reseal images, deploy and validate them, and prepare recovery environment. This topic covers 35-40% of the exam questions, so when you are done studying the first two topics, you should be able to respond to more than two-thirds of them.
  • Preparation of Imaging Environment. This topic describes customization of images, installation of deployment tools and scripts, and creation of Windows PE. Microsoft states that 20-25 % of the test questions belong to this topic.

How can you prepare for the Microsoft 70-735 test?

Well, it is always the best option to go with the training materials recommended by the certification provider, and this case is not an exception. The Microsoft experts have prepared enough study materials that can guarantee your success during the exam. The company also offers a preparation guide that can help you in passing the test quickly. However, this guide is regularly updated, so you must ensure that you download the most recent one. It is also recommended that you have practical experience with OEM deployment for Windows 10.

According to the previous exam takers’ reviews, there are other training materials that can also be helpful in preparing for the Microsoft 70-735 exam. Some of the reputable sites providing such materials include the following: PrepAway, ExamCollection, and ExamSnap.

PrepAway provides one of the best training materials for the 70-735 exam. It is affordable (costs only $29.99) and offers a money-back guarantee if you fail to pass the exam.

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This training course contains the real test questions, which are usually hard to find online for that price. PrepAway also provides up-to-date training materials that are updated on a regular basis. These materials are mobile-friendly, meaning that you will be able to learn and practice even on your mobile phone and tablet. However, it is important to note that you will receive updates only for one year after buying the course. This is usually enough for most of the students because only a few are not able to pass the test within a year. This website also states that all its training materials are created and verified by IT specialists.

The preparation material available on ExamCollection is a bit more expensive than those found on PrepAway (the cost is $70). This is actually an e-Book that consists of 63 real test questions that will help you in preparing for the 70-735 exam.

ExamSnap is a free online platform that offers training materials for the test. It contains 60 questions covering the topics of OEM manufacturing and deployment for Windows 10. Going through this test will help you determine the level of your knowledge and preparedness for the exam. However, do not try to complete this test before you study all the topics properly.

Who should get the MCP certification?

If you are an image builder who is well-versed with Deployment Kit and Windows Assessment, then you are the right person to pass the 70-735 exam and earn the certification. Having at least one-year experience of managing Windows deployment issues would also be a nice bonus. Microsoft also recommends getting some experience in deploying optimized hardware solutions for Microsoft platforms before you decide to take the certification test.

If you are still not sure whether passing the exam is worth it or not, just remember that almost 50% of the IT experts who obtain this credential receive a 20% salary raise soon enough.