Penthouse Interview: “Slutty grunge… we need to stop calling ourselves this.”

penthouse interview

Debut EP Solemn  Out Today Via Beth Shalom Records.

The title of the debut EP by punk/grunge quartet Penthouse is very aptly titled Solemn. The six track offering is a serious and earnest endeavour packed with chunky and fuzzy guitars, galvanic drums, and vocals that range from slightly post hardcore to the more harmonious. Underpinning all these songs is a dedication to melody and concision that means the record burns itself into the listeners consciousness is a short blaze of glory.

We spoke to the Kent band just ahead of the release of the EP and they told us all about slutty grunge, working with Beth Shalom Records, and their favourite records of 2016.

Order the EP via Beth Shalom Records.

Overblown: You’re newest track is called ‘Chuck’ and seems to me to hold many influences from across the last twenty five years. What inspired the song?

Penthouse: ‘Chuck’ came about from a phone recording that our vocalist Charlie sent to us (just two weeks before heading into the studio to record it). The song developed very quickly into what it is now. I think we were just aiming to write a tune that kept a slow but powerful pace throughout. I wouldn’t say the song was inspired by anything in particular, we just wanted to write a slow-paced rock song so we did!

O: The track will feature on your debut EP Solemn which is out on 2nd September via Beth Shalom Records. How did you come to release it through that label?

P: Me and Sam (lead guitarist) started working with Joe from Beth Shalom earlier this year to release a run of cassettes for our other band Drawstring. He was really great to work with and he’s going to be putting out some great releases later this year. We decided to work with him on releasing ‘Solemn’ because of his enthusiastic/hard-working attitude and it’s always great to work with someone who actually cares about what you’re doing as a band!

O: The band’s name is Penthouse. Any pending lawsuits yet from that reputable gentleman’s magazine?

P: When we were choosing the name ‘Penthouse’, this really sealed the deal for us to keep the name haha.

O: The EP artwork is quite beautiful. Without disappearing too far up my ass, it kind of reminds me of Monet or something like that. Who created the artwork and what is the concept behind it?

P: Thank you! Three of us were in Canterbury a few weeks ago with my camera and we were in desperate need of a cover for the EP. We were sitting by a little stream and decided to take a few photos. After reversing the image and some editing, we knew we had the cover for Solemn.

O: What is ‘slunge’?

P: Slutty grunge… we need to stop calling ourselves this.

O: What’s your favourite track on the upcoming EP? Why?

P: My personal favourite is ‘Love Drugs’, purely because the drums (and everything else) are so intense on that track. When we finished writing it, we all knew that it was going to be the last track on the EP. Our producer, punk rock Rick really outdid himself on this one, make sure you check out ‘Clubhouse Studios’ in Tunbridge wells if you want to record some quality-sounding punk songs.

O: Any upcoming gig plans?

P: We have a couple shows in London/Brighton (hopefully) coming up which will be announced soon. We’re hoping to book ourselves a little tour before the end of the year which will be super fun too.

O: What’s your favourite record of 2016 so far? Why?

P: My favourite record of 2016 so far is probably Weezer’s White Album although personally I haven’t really listened to any records that have stood out for me this year. PUP’s The Dream Is Over is always a good shout though.

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