Petrol Girls Share Video For ‘Phallocentric’

Debut Album Talk Of Violence  Is Imminent!

Feminist hardcore punks Petrol Girls, named for the mythical women of the Paris commune called the Pétroleuses who allegedly set fire to private property with Molotov cocktails made from milk bottles, have shared a music video for their latest track ‘Phallocentric’. An angular piece of work, with nods to both math rock and classic rock, ‘Phallocentric’ is a biting and indignant blast against the patriarchy.

“‘Phallocentric’ addresses the phallus or penis as a symbol of male dominance, as seen in art, architecture, advertising – all over the place,” says the band. “Culture doesn’t just reflect our values; it also produces and maintains them. This song is literally saying, “Fuck what they taught us”, ridiculing conservative attitudes and celebrating the full rainbow of sex. “I can’t get no” is also a deliberate play on the Rolling Stones song ‘Satisfaction.’ Mick Jagger definitely used his sexuality as part of his performance, and this song is also partly claiming my right to do the same.”

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