Phosphene Share ‘Be Mine’

We’ve told you about the delightful Phosphene before so we hope you’ve been paying attention. If you have been you’ll probably know they’ve got a new song on the go called ‘Be Mine’. If you haven’t been paying attention all is not completely lost, here’s a chance to catch up. At the tail end of 2014 we premiered their single ‘Silver’ and you can read our interview from early 2015 where they told us they were off to the studio to record a newbie et voila – here are the results!

‘Be Mine’ is a lovely indie jangler of the slightly heart wrenching variety. Have a look at the quite brilliant artwork for the single above. Seriously impressive but the song’s nature appears to have upset the Queen of black hearts. Give this a good old listen below and check out Phosphene’s earlier material on their Bandcamp page.

QUICK – at time of writing this song is available for zero dollars but we suspect that’ll not last too long. I’f you’re too late surely you could find it in your black heart to pay a dollar or so for it. Enjoy!

Download ‘Be Mine’ by Phosphene at their bandcamp by clicking here

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