PINS / Baby in Vain / Yassassin @ Broadcast, Glasgow Friday 14th April


Ok so I didn’t get to see Yassassin but have since been told several times by folks about how good they are, had they told me this before I maybe would have got my ass to the gig on time but I most certainly won’t miss them again and will check out what all the fuss is about.

Now we move onto Baby in Vain which is not my most favourite name for a band but as with Bob the Drag Queen sometimes the name isn’t important and it’s what they bring to the stage. Baby in Vain somehow managed to make Riot Girl sound like a whimper with their fierce frantic tuneful roar. I have no idea what they were singing about but damn I knew that they meant it! Thrashing their guitars outta Denmark the trio make for a very solid sound of grunge type punk rock.

PINS had sold out the venue and probably could have done so many times over but it almost made it seem as though you were at a PINS private party. They also kind of reminded me of a Sesame Street song / game. The one which says:

“Three of these kids belong together
Three of these kids are kind of the same
But one of these kids is doing his (her) own thing
Now it’s time to play our game
It’s time to play our game.”

Well all five belong together and were same in the way they were totally rocking the shit outta the joint but they were all doing it in their own unique way! I can only assume the game they wanted to play was giving the crowd / private party goers the best good time upbeat display of their songs.

The groove is that of pop but executed in a thrashed out way as if they happened to have passed by the bowery in the late 70’s and tuned their instruments to what they heard. This leads me nicely to Iggy Pop and the song Aggrophobe which he of course did guest vocals on. I was mighty chuffed that PINS didn’t do that thing that some bands do and then have his voice coming out of a speaker and a cardboard cutout or image of the person in question whilst they continue as if a backing band to some phantom figure! Anna Donigan the bassist did the vocal and except for her mic not being turned up properly at the start it sounded every bit as solid a tune!

Many more solid tunes were to follow in an all killer no filler way! Most of which you will indeed find on their new EP ‘Bad Thing’.

The nearer it came to the end of the gig the more excitable everyone was, girls had been brought forward, some so far they were now on the stage dancing and occasionally singing as if they were members of PINS. For the encore even more joined the throng with one random guy right up front who looked slightly misplaced amongst the rest of the band audience combo that was happening, think when the Priests in Father Ted got lost in the lingerie department.

For anyone who would like to also have a crack at a stage invasion with PINS, they are back in Glasgow pretty soon, 9th May to be exact at the O2 ABC as part of another UK tour. The party is already getting bigger and if I were you I’d get involved and not be that one person doing their own thing, which would be not seeing this awesome live band.

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