Pizza for the People Interview: “I was dancing badly to a Mumford & Sons song. Julia took pity on me”

pizza for the people

Indie Banquet III is on at the Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds on 25th February. Mouses, Deadwall, Table Scraps, Leeches, and Lumer will bring the alt noise while Hyde Park Book Club and Pizza Fella provide the culinary delights.

You know what Overblown’s three favourite things are in the world? Food, music, and odd live venues. Leeds based gig promoters Pizza for the People are obviously after our hearts, as their newest venture aims to cover the trio all at one time. Indie Banquet is a genius idea, and frankly, we’re surprised that more promoters don’t organise gigs like this. It aims to combine unique venues, tasty food, and excellent live bands. The upcoming Indie Banquet is coming up on the 25th February at the Hyde Park Book Club and promises to be the most excellent of evenings.

We spoke to Ryan and Julia, the twosome behind the unique venture about what inspired the idea, their goals, and dancing badly to Mumford & Sons.

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Overblown: First things first. What is Indie Banquet and Pizza for the People?

Pizza for the People: Well…. Pizza for the People is our name and we promote gigs in and around Leeds mainly. Some of our favourite musical experiences have happened after eating a pizza so we decided to name ourselves after our favourite food. We also wanted to bring more pizza to the people more often and in your less than conventional way to what you’d normally experience it!

Indie Banquet is our first gig night that combines live music that we are excited about, together with great food, in unique locations around Leeds.

O: What inspired Indie Banquet?

PFTP: We decided to put the two together (music & food) into one night as we felt there weren’t many places you could go that let you get everything in one space at the same time. Festivals have everything in one location so why can’t our gigs do that too? We are also hugely passionate about great live music and tasty food and with a great crop of talented musicians on our door step and some truly great food traders out there, we thought we’d do something to celebrate the two things we are most passionate about and share it with other people.

O: Indie Banquet is run by you two, Ryan and Julia. How do you know each other? How did you come to work on this project together?

PFTP: That’s a great one and a long story. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and have been together for just over 5 years now but to cut a long story short let’s just say I (Ryan) was dancing badly to a Mumford & Sons song in a bar in Leeds and Julia took pity on me and she’s been stuck with me ever since.

One of the main reasons we decided to create Pizza For The People is that we both have day jobs that aren’t what you’d call our true calling in life and we wanted to do something about it. It’s an escape from the daily routine that is work, that we could share with others, and one that they can escape from too if they want to.

O: What is your goal for the project?

PFTP: We haven’t really set any goals but we’d love for Indie Banquet to become renowned for creating memorable nights for people and for showcasing a wealth of great talent with the opportunity to shine. If we were talking massive goals, Ryan would like to have The Cribs headline an Indie Banquet and I would love to put Slaves on.

O: We love your poster for the upcoming Indie Banquet III, which will be held on 25 February in Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds. Who created it?

PFTP: The poster is created by the legend that is Anthony Jaycott. He’s an illustrator that’s based out of Liverpool and someone whose work is something that we really admire. Everyone should go check him out if you’re into art.

Pizza for the People

O: Mouses, Table Scraps, Leeches, Deadwall, and Lumer will be playing Indie Banquet on 25 February. Tell us a bit about those bands.

PFTP: Mouses are a band whose debut self-titled album blew us both away and when we saw them live last year at Wharf Chambers we knew we had to ask them down to play one of our Banquets. If you also combine that with describing themselves as “The bastard offspring of the Jesus And Mary Chain meets a seriously twisted and distorted version of Weezer” what more could you possibly want?

Leeches are a bunch of desperate bubbly individuals who’ve been hurt before and won’t suffer fools gladly. Interests include embroidery, nights in by the fire, long walks and debauchery. Their first single Inside Voices was a song that made it into our top played songs of 2016 quite easily and sounds in parts like an early days Caleb from Kings of Leon.

Table Scraps hail from Birmingham and have already developed a sizeable reputation for their fuzz and tape-echo drenched punk noise. Last year this trio’s feverish live appearances rapidly led to shows with some of the UK’s most exciting acts including Fat White Family, God Damn and YAK and they are a fiercely DIY affair which we love.

Deadwall are a Leeds-based band who we saw at our friends’ Healthy Eating Records – Yorkshire Pudding Tape launch last year and thought their tunes were ace, so as soon as we got chance we asked if they wanted to play a show with us and luckily for us they said yes! Their newest track The Talk is also a song that came to light out of the dark times that were the Boxing Day floods of 2015 that ruined many a great thing in the north and some people are just about getting back to normal. So the fact that something great came out of that situation is a great achievement to all those involved in the making of that track.

Lumer are a great bunch of lads that are channeling their inner 90’s alt rock to great success, creating their own brand of raw post-punk material that is both exciting to the eyes and pleasing to the ears. These guys are amongst a great crop of talented individuals, crafting something special with alternative music out of Hull right now. Well worth checking out.

O: Any preliminary plans in place for Indie Banquet IV?

PFTP: Yeah, for sure. We are well on with planning this and lots more Indie Banquets and have plenty of great music & food for people to come and discover/support, so keep your eyes peeled folks.

O: On an unconnected note, what were your favourite albums of 2016 and why?

Ryan: For me I have two stand out albums from last year that I don’t think I could pick between those being: Eagulls – Ullages and Mouses debut album. Ullages also has one of my favourite tracks from last year on it too (Lemontrees) and live they blow me away every time. Mouses debut is great too. I dont think there’s a song on it that I don’t think is a great tune.

Julia: Am I allowed three?! (Cheeky.) For me it’d be Savages – Adore Life, Fat White Family – Songs For Our Mothers and Whitney – Light Upon the Lake. All three bands have such a unique sound, a really powerful demeanor and deserve to be huge. Between the three of them I think there’s a tune for practically every emotion. I’ve seen two out of the three live, both of which were incredible, and I’m eager to say the least to see Savages!

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