Play It Again, Sam: Top 5 Songs of the Week (11th July 2015)

top 5 songs of the week

Global Release Friday!

Exciting times. The first global release Friday day thing. And what a week for music it has been. Overblown loves the songs. You should listen to them, and be amazed at Overblown’s impeccable taste. We are the Gil Chesterton of the music world.

Diet Cig – ‘Sleep Talk’

This indie pop duo from New Platz, New York are definitely Overblown favourites. Their Over Easy EP released earlier this year is a cacophony of joyous rebellion. It is the sound of growing up. ‘Sleep Talk’ is more of the same as singer Alex Luciano sings about not being able to smoke cigarettes despite her best efforts. Personally, we think they should just hurry their asses up and make a full length record. Excellent stuff.

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Ought – ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’

Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsburg. The Beat Generation. In their writing they employed a stream of consciousness technique that made the reader feel like what they were consuming had been made up on the spot. They explored themes of existence and the each individual’s role in society. Reading the Beats makes one feel like their everyday existence is literally meaningless, and one should jump on the nearest freight train and ride the rails. ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’ by Ought have that same effect on me. It seems to me it critiques the meaningless idioms (“How’s your family? How’s your health been?”) through which humans communicate. So close, and yet so far. When singer Tim Darcy declares, “That’s all we have in the big, beautiful blue sky / I’m no longer afraid to die” it sounds like freedom. He’s saying experience now for what it is. Honestly.

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Yuck – ‘Hold Me Closer’

Yuck’s second album Glow & Behold saw them take a gentler route than their self titled debut album. ‘Hole Me Closer’ suggests that that might all change for their third album. We hate to call their new track a return to form as we thoroughly enjoyed Glow & Behold, but it does posses a more expressive and confident vibe from a band that still promise so much.

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GRRL PAL – ‘Vice’

Australian DIY synth pop duo GRRL PAL are releasing a track a month for the duration of 2015. So far, they have all been of pretty stellar quality. ‘Vice’ is no different. In fact, it shows their development as this track is a bit more melodically subtle than previous efforts employing synths with a hint of Japan, and a pretty spectacular breakdown towards the end.

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Coleen Green – ‘Hellraiser’

There’s something to be said for the recent tendency in rock music to return to basics. I mean I love Sigur Ros, ISIS, and all that theatrical, exploratory stuff, but sometimes one just wants to rock. Colleen Green provides this opportunity. ‘Hellraiser’ is an outtake from her most recent album I Want To Grow Up, and, personally, I reckon it is as strong if not stronger than anything on that record. It also gets straight to the point. No messing about. Definitely on my hit-list for Indietracks. Salut!

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