Play It Again, Sam: Top 5 Songs Of The Week (4th July 2015)

top 5 songs of the week

These Songs Will Make You Cool

Welcome to Overblown’s latest ground breaking, pioneering, never seen before new feature. It’s pretty simple. Every Saturday Overblown lists its top 5 songs of the week. Pretty easy, no? If you don’t agree with our list it probably means you have terrible taste in music. Or much better taste than Overblown. Either way, shut up and listen. Here’s our inaugural list which has lots of guitars. What a surprise. There’s also one rapper. I’m hungover too, so don’t whinge at me. Also keep that gin away from me. Jerk.

Le Butcherettes – ‘They Fuck You Over’

Le Butcherettes are a punk band from Mexico. Their new album, A Raw Youth, was produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (formerly of At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta), and it features both Iggy Pop and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers). ‘They Fuck You Over’ is a rager. Listen to it right now. A Raw Youth is out on September 18th.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Alright’

Compton based rapper Kendrick Lamar is pretty awesome. Tremendously over hyped but awesome nonetheless. The fucker’s got something to say, and he’ll be damned if anyone is gonna get in his way. ‘Alright’ is the latest single from his recent mega album To Pimp A Butterfly. As with all things Kendrick it is not a simple song, but ultimately explores how we, as people, attempt to focus on the hope that everything will be ‘alright’ in the end of the day.

The Libertines – ‘Gunga Din’

There’s always a worry when a band returns from a long hiatus that they are going to royally suck. It’s a worry founded in fact. Many great bands (Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Alice In Chains) return a shadow of their former selves. No so The Libertines. ‘Gunga Din’ is a typically unhinged offering from the group, with Doherty lamenting his heroin use, Barat lamenting his love of alcohol, and an atypical brotherly love at the core of the chorus.

Beach House – ‘Sparks’

Every new album from Beach House sees the band grow, adapt, and develop. ‘Sparks’, the first track from their upcoming fifth album, is no different. Combining their blissed out shtick with My Bloody Valentine fuzzed up guitars, Beach House stand up at a time when many bands are showing their MBV influence and their sleeves and shout, “C’mere! This is how you do it, lads!”

Wavves x Cloud Nothings – ‘No Life For Me’

Like reunions, collaboration albums can be problematic. Some a less than the some of their parts, some are just extremely mediocre, and some are a resounding success. Wavves x Cloud Nothings are a success. Channeling both bands lo-fi, giddy splendour, ‘No Life For Me’ sounds like the work of a band that has been at it for a couple of albums at least. Muchos enjoyable.

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