Lyves – Visions – Play It Again, Sam

Lyves - Visions

Gentle. Tender. Ethereal. Melancholic. Warm. Seductive. There’s going to be a plethora of hyperbolic superlatives used endlessly in connection to North London singer song-writer Lyves in the near future. Otherwise known as Francesca Bergami, she made her way to London via Australia and Italy and has recently emerged, through the wonderful medium of Soundcloud, with this blissful, chilled out dream pop track.

Bergami describes her music as ambient alt soul, which seems apt as the melody of “Visions” is more atmospheric than forceful. Her emotive and expressive voice wraps itself around soft swaths of synths while the song itself is gently propelled forward by laid-back minimal beats like a punt leisurely making its way down a calm Cambridge canal.  Think of “Strong” by London Grammar, except with an 80s pop influence rather than a 90s trip hop one. Her performance commands attention. She shouldn’t have any trouble getting it.

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