Polemics: New Band of the Day #261


Polemics debut EP Conflict is out now via Beatbuzz Records.

Who: Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle.

What: Post-Punk/Noise Rock.

Where:  Bristol, UK.

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Why: Bristol duo Polemics are intense. Combining the biting social commentary of IDLES with the ferocious angularity of The Jesus Lizard and Fugazi, the band are an adversarial and combative prospect anchored by the huge drum sound of Jeff Ingle and the angry rants of vocalist/guitarist Nathan Smith. Their debut EP Conflict is out now and is aptly titled. It is a record of barely contained tension and confrontation that manages to combine deft melodies with the band’s typical ferocity.

‘Conflict’ leads the EP. It slowly unfurls from a coiled and tense atmosphere at the offset to a frenetic blast of cacophony at its end. This mirrors the change of the lyrics as the speaker descends further and further into unhinged fury.

Following ‘Conflict’ is ‘Halibut’. Not sure what the song has to do with fish, but musically it brings in a bit of Fugazi-like funky bass-lines and some big choruses. Savage.

The last track on the EP is ‘Pulp’ which contrasts catchy melodies with abrasiveness with an adeptness that hints at where Polemics may venture in the future.

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