Glasgow Pop!South Weekender 12th-14th Feb 2016 – Preview

Oh Happy Day! In just a short few weeks the 2016 edition of the Glasgow Pop!South Weekender takes place at the Glad Cafe on the south side of the fine city. As far as line-ups go this one is pretty incredible. It’s like one of those ‘how many folks can you squeeze into a car’ things except PopSouth have done it with top notch indie music types and broke the world record. Over the course of three days from Friday 12th February to Sunday 14th February you can surround your senses with indie-pop bliss. Cast a glance over the following and just try to imagine that this is going to be anything less than brilliant:

Friday 12th Feb – The Tuts, Breakfast Muff, Jutland Songs, Joyce Delaney
Sat 13th Feb – Trust Fund, Tigercats, Chorusgirl, The School, Mammoth Penguins, MJ Hibbet & the Validators, Milky Wimpshake, The Occasional Flickers
Sun 14th Feb – Pete Astor, Duglas T Stewart, Gordon McIntyre, Catenary Wires, Two White Cranes, Bill Botting

So basically we can rock and dance our hearts out on Friday and Saturday then chill on the Sunday with some of the more soothing sounds. It sounds pretty damn close to perfect and let’s face it, if the thought of spending valentines day listening to the beauty of Two White Cranes, Pete Astor etc. doesn’t fill you with joy and a strong sense of belonging then your heart is simply as black as today’s Glasgow weather. Oh…and you simply can’t miss the chaos of Breakfast Muff. You’ve been warned.

Weekend and Day tickets are available HERE so what are you waiting for? Check out a few songs below from just some of the bands that’ll be on display over the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Two White Cranes



Pete Astor

Trust Fund