Post-Hardcore: Karma Versa Share Live Version of ‘Red Heels’

Karma Versa

Karma Versa’s Merriam EP is out now.

New York post-hardcore outfit Karma Versa have shared a live version of their track ‘Red Heels’. The track was recorded live at Hair House. The track, which originally featured on their 2011 EP Where Words Fail, has been updated a bit guitar-wise. They have more live tracks from this session to come and the rumour is there is studio work on the way too!

While you are at it, check out their track ‘Strawberry House’ from their Merriam EP. Released in 2018, it is a driving and cathartic blast of post-hardcore that is both impressive and arresting. It is two-minute blast of technical supremacy and emotional rawness. Here’s hoping they can match this level of quality with their next release.

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