Post-metal: God Alone. share debut album ‘Poll na mBrón’

God Alone.

The Cork post-metal outfits debut record is now streaming on Spotify.

God Alone., one of Ireland’s music promising bands currently in operation regardless of genre, have shared their debut album Poll na mBrón which I think means ‘hole of sorrow’ in Irish. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyone. My Irish is shocking.

The seven-song opus sees the band balance their tendencies towards intense black metal inspired fury and the tender reflection of post-rock. The album is a tapestry. One weaved from a combination of the international influence of metal and touches of sensibilities developed closer to home. In the words of W.B. Yeats, “a terrible beauty is born”.

The concept behind the album is inspired by Our Lady’s Hospital in Cork. A now closed mental health hospital, the institution, which continues to loom over the city, had an appalling reputation for cruelty, abuse, and neglect. A phased closure began in the early ’90s and eventually the entire campus was closed by 2009.

Song title translations (feel free to correct me if I am mistaken!):

  1. Dordán (fuzz)
  2. Poll na mBrón (hole of sorrow)
  3. Dagda (an important god in Irish mythology)
  4. Fómhar (autumn)
  5. Uilleann (elbow)
  6. Láimhe (hand)
  7. Cnoc na Haoine (Knocknaheeney – suburb of Cork City)

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