Post Metal Quintet Rosetta Share ‘(Untitled III)’


New Album Quintessential Ephemera  comes out on June 22nd.

Philadelphia post metallers Rosetta have shared a typically meandering and epic track from their upcoming fifth album, Quintessential Ephemera, entitled ‘(Untitled III)’. As is expected from the band, the track is a pummeling beast of a track full of sludgy guitars, bellowed vocals, and orchestral atmospherics. It is a typically punishing experience that traverses more terrain in six minutes and thirty five seconds than most bands do in an entire career.

“This song got built up around Dave’s smooth arpeggio bass line, which we all agreed sounded like Young Team-era Mogwai,” the band offers. “This is the first track in Rosetta history where every member got a real vocal credit — that choral section at the end is Dave, Eric, Matt, and BJ all singing harmonies.”

Check out the first track to be released from the album:

Europeans can pre-order the album from Golden Antenna, and in the US the CD is available from Init Records while the LP is at War Crime.

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