Post Punk: Landowner Share New Track ‘Phantom Vibration’


Landowner’s ‘Phantom Vibration’ is the lead single from their upcoming second album Consultant, out on 25th September via Chicago’s Born Yesterday Records.

Western Massachusetts post punks Landowner sit somewhere nestled with Television, Parquet Courts and the spray of spit of Mark E Smith’s The Fall. Clean on the surface, wonky post punk minimalism gives rise to intricate Beefheart esque musicianship, bubbling and frothing at the corners.

‘Phantom Vibration’ gleams with clean instrumentation and a driving repetition, which leaves room for the unhinged and varied vocal delivery. The full arsenal on show here from Dan Shaw. A gradient of madness, whispers and desperate calls. He talks you through a 16bit territory of sleep paralysis and escape from predatory characters in your life. Steeped in metaphor, it’s a story that the music races to accent as its desperation and lunacy climaxes.

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