Post-punk: Listen to ‘Deaths’, the new LP from Sauna Youth

Sauna Youth

Deaths is out now

Caustic, vibrant, and confrontational, London post-punks Sauna Youth return with a point to prove on their third LP Deaths. Angular riffs butt up against motorik rhythms, while propulsive drums underpin the frantic march. Lyrics are often both abstract (“data extraction, erogenous zone”) and direct (“Laura, sits in the car, Holding it together, as the other falls apart”) which perfectly compliments music that is taut but frayed around the edges.

This effort is the final album in a conceptual trilogy that includes their more expansive debut Dreamlands and the less nihilistic swing of second album Distractions. For me, the trio taken together sound like the descent into hell from naive hopefulness to cynical scepticism. A post-punk music companion to Dante’s Inferno perhaps. That may be taking it a bit far. Regardless, this new album sees Sauna Youth at their most aggressive, their most snarling, and their most accomplished.

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