Post Punk: Neurotic Fiction share up beat new track ‘Collateral’

Neurotic Fiction

New album Pulp Music out now.

Bristol post punks Neurotic Fiction have shared a new track from their recently released debut album Pulp Music. Coming across as the middle ground between London post punks Shopping and the playful indie pop of Durham’s Martha, the track, titled ‘Collateral’, is a taut piece of infectious melody that somehow manages to be both anxious and playful. A piece of oxymoronic magic.

“A lot of these songs are written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t want to make any impact at all on their environment incase it’s perceived as negative,” explains guitarist Livi Sinclair. “And how that’s kind of a ridiculous way of feeling but also how you can kind of indulge in it.” Produced by John Hannon (Sauna Youth, Trash Kit), Pulp Music is the result of trying not to take life too seriously and owning the missteps we might make along the way. “It’s about trying to overcome fear of doing something because of the perceived, unwanted side-effect,” adds Sinclair. “It’s about not being afraid to take risks and to learn from mistakes rather than being worried about fucking up.”

Upcoming shows

9th December 2018 – The Moon, Cardiff with Fontaines DC

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