Post Punk Podge Releases Single For Homeless Charity

Post Punk Podge

All proceeds are going to the Novas homeless charity in Limerick.

Limerick based electro punk oddballs Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies have released a new single titled ‘Home Is Where The Heart Bleeds’. All proceeds go to Limerick homeless charity Novas. A more restrained effort than is typical from the boys, the track takes aim at the growing issue of homelessness in Ireland. You can purchase the single for €1 via Bandcamp.

Here’s some stats about homelessness in Ireland for you to mull over. Taken from FocusIreland: “There were 9,846 people homeless in the week of May 21st-27th 2018 across Ireland. This figure includes adults and children with their families. The number of families becoming homeless has increased by 31% since May 2017. More than one in three of those in emergency accommodation is now a child. However, this number does not include ‘hidden homelessness’ which refers to people who are living in squats or ‘sofa surfing’ with friends. Furthermore, women and children staying in domestic violence refuges are not included in these homeless emergency accommodation counts. The national figure also does not include people who are sleeping rough.

In March 2018, the official rough sleeping count confirmed 110 people sleeping rough in Dublin, with an additional number in the Nite Café, without a place to sleep.”

Please donate what you can.