Post-punk: Scottish outfit Cheap Teeth share ‘Fly on the Wall’

cheap teeth
Photo by Andreia Lemos

Double single ‘Fly On The Wall’ / ‘The Vicar’s Fingers’ is out now.

Edinburgh post-punk quartet Cheap Teeth have shared ‘Fly On The Wall’, one of half of their recently released double single. A dark and dingy number, it features a foreboding pace interspersed with snarling, snotty vocals. Taking inspiration from the Danish punk scene that spawned the likes of Iceage and the a.m. sounds of Nick Cave, the group carve an indelible etch out of the post-punk sound.

Having said all that, there seems to be some sense of underlying hope in the track which is hinted at through the exploratory guitar solo that interjects about halfway through the track. This makes me want to drink until the wee hours and break stuff. Good times.

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