Post-punk: Sprints Share ‘The Cheek’


Sprints’ new single ‘The Cheek’ is out today via Nice Swan Records and RIP Records.

Dublin, Ireland based post-punk quartet Sprints are the latest act to emerge from a rather potent Irish rock scene. Following the likes of Fontaines D.C., The Murder Capital and Girl Band, Sprints bring a driving noise that is full of attitude and hooks.

Following their debut single ‘Kissing Practice’, today they release their second single ‘The Cheek’. A powerful and propulsive track, it tackles issues of sexuality head on. Check it out below.

“The Cheek was inspired by conversations at bars and Karla’s experience with her sexuality,” says the band.

“As a person who is bisexual, your experiences can be difficult,” adds Karla Chubb (vocals/guitar). “You’re not gay enough, you’re not straight enough, you can be over-sexualised or demonised, I’m going to bed or I’m going to hell. People of any gender identity or sexuality will face criticism and pigeonholing based on their label. Whether it’s being told I wouldn’t have been kissed did they know I was bi, or being asked would I do a threesome, having your ass grabbed and your space invaded – this is my big fuck you to all those people.

Thematically it is all centres around my experience of sexual assault, unsolicited advances and sexuality as a whole. It’s raw, personal and high energy because it’s a song that is all about venting frustrations.”

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