Post-Punk: Torrid Horror Share New Track ‘An Ode To The Chair’

torrid horror

Torrid Horror’s new single ‘An Ode To The Chair’ is out today, July 31st.

Torrid Horror hail from the UK and play a kind of theatrical punk that is rather dramatic but also quite grounded and raw. Their new single, titled ‘An Ode To The Chair’, is a super catchy and tight one that is a bit of a bloody earworm if I am honest. Imagine if Joe Talbot from IDLES was the frontman of a punk band from a musical. That’s what it sounds like to me anyway.

The band on the song, “This is a song about revenge and the exploitation of perceived weakness. It’s a story of a woman’s birth, the atrocities she commits, how she fights against the constraints of her disabilities and how she ultimately lets a murderous urge consume her.”

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