Post Punk: WTCHS Share The Chaotic ‘You Own Your Bones’

wtchs you own your bones

New Album She Walks She Creeps  Out October 28th.

A genuinely disturbing turn from Canadian post punks WTCHS, ‘You Own Your Bones’ combines angular, jagged guitars, discordant saxophone, and unhinged chants. Proceeding at a lumber and not picking up much pace over its eight minute running time, the track trudges defiantly through swamps of sinister cacophony before collapsing into foreboding ambiance. The track is the first to be released from the group’s first album in two and a half years.

Apparently the track was recorded in one take. In the time since their last record, the band have scrapped an entire album, gone through several line up changes, added a fifth member, and then decided to record an album with more noise, more feedback, and then some more noise. Sounds like a laugh.

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