Post rock: Coastlands share new track ‘Tired Eyes’


Coastland’s new album The Further Still is out now.

How do you like to take your post-rock? Do you like when it is dripping with earnest emotion and soars beautiful peaks before returning to awesome restraint. Well then, you should probably check out Portland’s Coastlands and their track ‘Tired Eyes’. Taken from their recently released new album The Further Still, the song is one that swirls and enchants with melodies that are both arresting and imposing. Check it out below.

“This song was written during a long year of touring, writing, and recording, “says the band. “We were exhausted and found time to jam on a day off in El Paso, Tx and wrote the basic melody of the song. Its meant to convey the feeling of when you put your heart and body fully into the area of what you’re passionate about and begin to see the rewards of your labour with your tired eyes.”

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