Post Rock: Ever Onward Share New Track ‘Eyes To The Sky’

ever onwards

Ever Onward’s new single ‘Eyes To The Sky’ is out now.

Ever Onward, a post-rock solo artist from Batavia, New York, has shared a soaring and hopeful new single. Titled ‘Eyes To The Sky’, the track draws and the open-hearted beauty of acts like Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky to create a track that is triumphant, elegiac and also enormously epic. You’d be hard-pressed to find more heart in a slaughterhouse.

“‘Eyes to the Sky’ is a song inspired by hope and self reflection, “says Ever Onward. “It is based on the moments in which you can’t help but look up and wonder why. It’s not about whether you believe in a higher power or a “master plan” but that the sky appears to be infinite. That infinite feeling often leads to deep thought and wishful thinking. ‘Eyes to the Sky’ is about knowing that despite what drags you down, a solution exists.”

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