Post War Glamour Girls Interview – Long Division Festival Preview

The wonderful Long Division Festival takes over Wakefield from the 10th to 12th June and delivers a staggering amount of music in a multi-venue format. One of the standout events of the weekend takes place on the Sunday evening and features a very special performance by Post War Glamour Girls. The set will be recorded for a live album and the audience provided with a wireless headset allowing them to hear the album being mixed live. Attendees get a download of the album included in the ticket price or can pay a little extra for a special vinyl edition. All too good to be true really, but true it most definitely is.

We caught up with James Smith of Post War Glamour Girls to find out just a little more about this event.

Overblown: The live album recording in front of an audience is pretty unique – what attracted you guys to doing this?

JS: Mainly the fact we’re getting to put out a new record and it isn’t costing us a penny… But, on top of that, it’s about time we pushed the boat out a little bit, we’re not phoning it in, we’ve worked hard to create something cohesive that will slot nicely alongside our studio records.

O: PWGG seem to be pretty confident live performers. Does this kind of show add a lot of extra pressure / nerves?

JS: It definitely adds a sense of awareness to our own performance knowing the tape is rolling. I guess in that sense it’s not an entirely honest document of what we do. It’s our presentation of how we perceive ourselves. Like going on Big Brother and saying ‘I say it like it is me… If you don’t like me I don’t care’ when really we’re boring and are scared of wasps.

O: You’ve mentioned fans can expect to hear familiar songs but in very different formats. Does re-working the songs keep it all fresh for you guys?

JS: Yes, it’s nice to revisit them and present them in a different light. It’s been interesting looking back at them and ruining all the things that people loved about them first time round for our own personal amusement. I bloody hate it when bands don’t play what I already know y’know?

O: Can we expect to hear any new material at the festival before you head up north to record album three?

JS: There is one new song which differs from the 3rd album version. The album version is based on repetition and drones but we’re doing a version for the live album which sounds quite a lot like ‘Lifted’ by The Lighthouse family. It’s got these soft synth strings and a pitter-patter bongo part. BodyShop-Core.

O: Any recommendations of bands to check out on the Saturday of the festival? Will you guys be there or away mentally preparing for the Sunday night?

Our label (Leeds based Hide & Seek Records) is running a stage at the Theatre so we’ll probably be in there watching Malcolm Middleton and Mi Mye…

Thanks James. We’ll most definitely see you there.

For line-up and ticket information for the Long Division Festival click here

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