Post War Glamour Girls & Pelts @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow – 4th Nov

Let’s get the negatives out the wary immediately. Tonight Bar Bloc is far from busy and it feels like a huge shame for a band to travel all the way to Glasgow on the first night of a UK tour to play to a handful of people. It’s unusual for this to happen in what is normally a very keen gig-going city. Before the bands play I’m juggling the reasons for this in my head. It’s really late, a near midnight stage time means people can’t get home easily. There’s also a ridiculous amount of gigs going on in the city right now. In the next two days alone there’s Metz, Protomartyr, Ex Hex, Martha & Radiator Hospital playing to name just a few. Maybe people just aren’t interested in Post War Glamour Girls? If that happens to be the case they’d be foolish not to be.

I’m cheered up by local support band Pelts who i’ve never come across before but will  keep an eye on in the future. They play an intriguing set full of floating melodies from the 3 vocalists. Sometimes haunting, occasionally raising the volume before gently slowing things back down. There’s more than enough going amongst the multi-instrumentation 6-piece to hold anyone’s interest. I’m reminded slightly of Daughter but with a Scottish grimace which is just fine by me.

So why was I worrying about the lack of an audience tonight? Post War Glamour Girls clearly don’t give a shit. They launch into their set with an intensity I’ve not seen from any band in a long time and it never drops for a second. For such a small gig the sound they’re generating is incredible, the mix is perfect and the guitars, bass and drums swirl through the room like a tsunami.

The set is a mix of old and new album tracks (see our review of their new Feeling Strange album here), 2014’s single ‘Gustave’ and an entirely new track, the name of which completely escapes me and I’m too engrossed to be taking notes. Their electro post-punk sound is foreboding and thrilling at the same time. They’re loud, often intimidatingly so. There’s much more rock in their live sound as guitars are thrashed and bitten over perfect drumming. Then there’s the lurching bass lines that hold it altogether, the kind of bass lines that the devil wishes he’d created if only he was as good as Alice. To top it all off the vocals are delivered with a crazed snarl, the entire dancefloor being used as a stage to prowl, spit and ultimately convince anyone in the room that any less than 100% commitment is unacceptable. By the time we get to closers ‘Felonious Punk’ and a devastatingly intense ‘Cannonball Villages’ (I could be wrong – my head has been melted by this point) the room is captivated and that includes those who had clearly just wandered in for a late night pint.

I can’t give enough credit to the band for approaching this feeble turnout with the conviction they displayed. They play like they’re life depends on it, ferociously confident and completely on top of their game. Afterwards I couldn’t care less that there was hardly anyone there to see it. What’s important right now is that I was there. If Post War Glamour Girls hit a town near you don’t make the same mistake us Glaswegians made tonight. Don’t miss it.

Post War Glamour Girls tour the UK this November. See picture below for dates.

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